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Throughout March discover your triggers for anxiety and depression; learn strategies to break this cycle that your mental health professional may not have shared with you

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  You will discover…..

  • How wheat, gluten and sugar affect the mood
  • How alcohol and drugs affect the mind
  • How important nutrition is to good mental health
  • How to change negative thought and behavioural patterns
  • How to implement powerful strategies for self improvement
  • How to choose the right professional therapy for you
  • How to unlock trapped emotions in the body
  • How to tap into your inner wisdom
  • How to de-clutter your life and get organised to allow  positive energy to flow
  • How your Adrenal Glands can affect your mental and physical wellbeing


Introducing Health Professionals and Coaches


Nutrition – Effects of Nutrition, Alcohol and Caffeine on  Mental Health.

Monday 12th March 10 am Qld Time – Dr Stephen Eddy – MHSc,B.Comp.Med,Dip App Sc, Ass. Dip. Chem – Health Schools Australia –

Dr Stephen Eddy is CEO of Health Schools Australia. Stephen has a Diploma in Applied Science, Bachelor of Complimentary Medicine and a Masters of Health Science. He has written many publications for Metagenics; one of which being the treatment of obesity using low carbohydrate diets. He has lectured nationally and internationally on health related topics such as heart disease, obesity, female hormone conditions, neurobiochemistry, cancer and immune related disorders. Stephen is currently completing a PhD in Nutritional Medicine.



Seeking Help – Benefits of Professional Therapy and how to find the best therapy to suit your needs

  Tuesday 13th March 10am QLD Time – Vanessa Bushell – Psychologist – BA/BSc Hons, Grad Dip – Conscious Solutions

Vanessa is founder of Conscious Solutions a Psychology Practice that focuses on the connection between to conscious and the unconscious mind to allow the client to feel into their emotional pain in order to heal past wounds that are resulting in current suffering. Vanessa began her psychology degree in 1988 and finished with an arts/science degree, with honours in philosophy and a graduate diploma in psychology.


 Finding You in Yoga – Benefits of Yoga on Mental Health and how it helps to unlock trapped emotions in the body

Wednesday 14th March 10 am QLD Time – Bryan Castle – Yoga Practitioner – Yoga Vida

Bryan’s five years of yoga experience culminated in his Yoga teacher training, conducted by Jimmy Barkan, founder of “The Barkan Method” of yoga in South Florida, USA. After practising under the watchful eye of Jimmy and his team of experienced yoga teachers for three years. Bryan made the decision to return home to the Sunshine Coast to share his knowledge by opening his yoga studio Yoga Vida. A member of “Yoga Alliance”, the world’s leading governing body of yoga, Bryan is passionate about helping you to reap the benefits of this life changing practise.


Connecting to Your True Self – Benefits of Meditation on Mental Health and how to begin your Meditation Journey

Thursday 15th March 10 am QLD Time – Wendy Rosendfelt – Meditation Practitioner – Maharishi Vedic

Wendy Rosenfeldt is a qualified teacher of Transcendental Meditation(R). She is a director for the Global Mother Divine Organisation, centre chairperson for Transcendental Meditation for South East Queensland and Vice President for the Maharishi Vedic Health Practitioners Association for Australia. She has been practising the TM technique for 18 years and teaching TM for over ten years. Wendy is also an Ayurvedic consultant and freelance health writer.


Adrenal Fatigue – find out about Adrenal Fatigue and the connection with depression 

Friday 16th March – 10 am QLD time – Dr Sandeep Gupta MBBS FRAC GP FACNEM   Lotus Holistic Medicine

Sandeep Gupta is a medical doctor, nutritional and environmental medicine specialist, Ayurvedic consultant and wellness coach. Dr Gupta has received specialised training in Integrative Medicine, and was awarded a Fellowship of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in 2008 and a Fellowship of the Australian College of General Practitioners in 2010. Some of Dr Gupta’s areas of interest are in integrative depression and anxiety management, adrenal gland and thyroid dysfunction and treatment of parasite and other gastrointestinal infections, food intolerances and allergies


Food and Mood – Effects of Wheat, Gluten and Sugar on Mood

Monday 19th March 10am QLD Time – Sarah Berry – Naturopath – Ultralite Weight and Health Management Program

Sarah Berry is on the Nutritional Advisory Board for Ultralite Weight and Health management programs. She holds a Diploma in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and studying an Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy. She is also qualified in Hermaview, Iridology, Sclerology, Dornal Spinal Therapy and Remedial Therapies. Sarah has 26 years experience in Nutrition and also runs her own practise in Mackay North Queensland.


 Structure and Routine – the benefits of structure, routine and decluttering on Mental Health  

Tuesday 20th March 10 am QLD Time – Kerri Rodley – Professional Organiser/ De-clutter Expert – Domestic Downsizing

Kerri is a Professional Organiser, a Feng Shui Consultant with a Diploma in Interior Design. She has over 22 years experience in de-cluttering and organising. Kerri is the expert when it comes taking the over whelm out of your life to create a new energy flow, clarity and routine. Kerri is the Secretary of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants in Australia and Assistant Co-ordinator of the Australian Professional Organisers in QLD.


Movement and Emotions – find about about the connection between movement and emotions and how exercise can elevate your mood in minutes

 Wednesday 21st March 10am QLD Time – Jen Forster – Womens Health Expert – Goal Power Training

Jen Forster is a qualified fitness professional, motivational coach, speaker, writer, NBCF Ambassador, has competed in various sports and events, trained at an elite level and was named Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network 2011 Sports Business Woman of the Year. Jen is also the founder of Goal Power Training, a Sunshine Coast based business, which is fast becoming known as the ‘Inner Sanctum of Women’s Fitness’.  Jen has helped countless women tap into the Goal Power ‘Belief Bank’ which has been integral in the reprogramming of negative behaviours, mindsets and motivation resulting in the transformation of bodies, relationships, careers and lives  

 Harness Your Mind – the power of the conscious and subconscious mind to break the cycle of anxiety and depression

Thursday 22nd March 10 am QLD Time –  Melissa Scott – International Speaker – Author –  NLP Practitioner/Trainer – Equinox Life Coaching

Melissa is an extraordinary leader who has assisted thousands of people worldwide to transform their limitations and start living their dream life. Melissa has a background in behavioural psychology, Life Coaching and NLP Training. She has worked with numerous individuals, corporations and small businesses facilitating expanded communication, self awareness and accelerated results. Melissa is author of Billionaire Buddah.


Personal Development and Empowerment through NLP – Learn how to change negative thought and behavioural patterns

Friday 23rd March 10am QLD Time – Karen Clarke – NLP Practitioner/Trainer – Powerful Positive People –Karen is a Performance and Confidence Coach, speaker and determined writer. Her passion is to help people achieve Powerful, Positive and Lasting Change using the latest NLP and Time Line Therapy techniques. She specialises in Personal Breakthrough Sessions helping people move rapidly into resourceful and life expanding behaviours. Karen is qualified trainer of NLP and Master NLP Coach, a master of Hypnosis and master of Time Line Therapy certified by the ABNLP and TLTA and fully committed to assisting her clients experience dynamic and sustainable positive change.



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