Harness Your Mind with Melissa Scott

Melissa is an extraordinary leader who has assisted thousands of people world wide to transform their limitations and start living their dream life. Take this opportunity to hear Melissa speak tomorrow on the Happy Mind Tele-seminar Series http://www.happymindformula.com/teleseminar/

  Her powerful philosophies of qantam physics and practical strategies teach you the step by step process of recreating your realty. She is the pioneer for amazing processes that enable you to release your limitation from the unconscious mind and create your desired reality. She appears regularly on stage with international leading edge personal development teachers and in corporations sharing her passionate message on how to create your dream life NOW.

Melissa has a background in behavioral psychology, Life Coaching and NLP Training. She has worked with numerous individuals in corporations and small businesses facilitating expanded communication, self awareness and accelerated results. She is the founder of Equinox Life Coaching and has successfully coached clients throughout Australia as well as internationally.

As a Professional Coach, Speaker and NLP Trainer, Melissa has run a successful Executive & Life Coaching practice enabling individuals and corporations to maximize efficiency whilst enhancing lifestyle and personal fulfillment. She is considered to be a leader and visionary delivering programs that get to the heart of issues and facilitate transformation.

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