Your action plan to mental and physical wellbeing

Take 100% responsibility for your mental and physical well-being.

Take action to achieve great results. Have the power to manage and change your mental and physical state. Be empowered and let go of Depression.  

                       “When we change, everything changes.”

         That’s the simple secret. That’s the Happy Mind Formula.   


Do you experience any of these anxiety symptoms, depression symptoms or emotions?

You feel flat, stuck in a rut, or struggling with life day in, day out. Trapped in your own life, perhaps wondering if there is all there is? Suffering low self esteem, mood swings, low energy levels, poor concentration and lack of purpose. Do you have that heavy feeling in your gut like something bad is going to happen? Does your chest feel so tight that sometimes it is difficult to breathe?

After many years of research, trial and error I discovered how to move from depression to happiness and I have documented all my tips and strategies in my book Happy Mind Formula – Your Action Plan to Mental and Physical Well being. 

The Happy Mind Formula is designed for those who are tired of being “stuck in the problem” and are ready to create real change in their lives.

Through my book and coaching I teach you to have awareness of the… 

  • Organic -  how certain foods, alcohol, drugs and caffeine affect your mental health. I teach you how to prepare delicious wheat, gluten and sugar free meals. The Happy Mind Formula has over 150 recipes and food combinations that take between 5 and 20 minutes to prepare.
  • Physical - how movement enhances your mental health and how to use certain forms of movement to unlock trapped emotions in the body.
  • Mind Set -   how negative emotions and limiting beliefs hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams. How personal development, meditation and setting boundaries with people and activities that do not serve you creates space for  you to work on your mental health.

The Happy Mind Formula is your action plan to the daily rituals that provide physical and emotional balance. It is our daily rituals that directly affect our physiology which in turn determines our state. ”State” refers to whether we are happy, sad, depressed, anxious or angry and it is our “state” that directly determines our behaviour and how we operate in the world.